Flexible polyurethane foam synthesis and characterization obtained from maleinizated castor oil

In this work, the synthesis of polyurethane flexible foam is realized with the experimental design Taguchi, using castor oil with and without maleinization. The kinetic reaction of oil esterification was monitored by estimating the number of acid groups (ASTM D4662 - 03), and the mechanical properties of the foam were studied, including density, tensile resistance, % elongation, resilience and hardness (Norm NTC 2019 Icontec). The influence of various synthesis parameters was investigated, namely amount and type of catalyst, molar ratio of castor oil (CO) - maleinizated castor oil (MACO), amount of water and surfactant used. The foams were analyzed using FTIR and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results showed first order kinetics with respect to the anhydride. The maleinizated castor oil (MACO) increased the mechanical resistance of the foam due to the greater interweaving by the incorporation of acid groups.

Polyurethane; flexible foam; castor oil; maleinization

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