Incorporation of industrial sludge in polyester resin composites

The incorporation of industrial sludge (L) and chrysotile fiber (FC) in the preparation of composites with polyester resin (P) is a possible alternative to minimize the accumulation of solid wastes. The characterization of the structural composites with these reinforcements indicated reduction in density values when compared with glass fiber reinforced composites The maximum and minimum values of Izod impact resistance for P/L/FC formulations were 29.1 and 12.6 J.m-1. The incorporation of sludge led to an increased thermal isolation capability for composites with crysotile fiber, also preserving the thermal stability of the polymeric matrix. The results indicated that although there are damages in mechanical properties, the incorporation of sludge in composites with polyester matrix results in mils with reduced density and low thermal conductivity.

Composites; industrial sludge; thermal properties

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