Properties of NR/BR mixtures and their dependence on the preparation mode

Elastomer Blends have been widely used in the rubber industry with the purpose of reaching specific properties without the need of synthesizing new polymers. Polybutadiene rubber (BR) presents poor stress and tear strengths, which is the main reason why BR is usually blended with NR and SBR. These blends are extensively used in the manufacture of tyres. In this work natural rubber (NR) was mixed to polybutadiene rubber (BR) in a 50:50 w/w ratio. The compositions were prepared in a two-roll mill employing four different modes of introducing the additives. After vulcanization, the mixtures were studied with evaluation of their mechanical (stress and tear strengths and hardness) properties and morphology. The results show that the properties varied even using the same NR/BR formulations due to the different preparation techniques.

Elastomer blends; mechanical properties; morphology

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