Influence from the concentration of interfacial agent on the properties of PP/EPDM/organoclay nanocomposites

In this work, nanocomposites were prepared with PP/EPDM thermoplastic elastomer and organoclay by melt intercalation in an internal mixture chamber. Masterbatches composed of PP-MA/organoclay in proportions of 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 were prepared and further added to a PP/EPDM thermoplastic elastomer, keeping the clay content fixed at 5% (by weight). The tensile properties, rheology and the morphology (organoclay dispersion, crystalline structure and crystallinity degree) of nanocomposites were studied to establish the influence of the PP-MA/Organoclay ratio in the system. The results showed that the addition of increasing levels of PP-MA improved the dispersion of organoclay in the PP/EPDM matrix. As revealed in x-ray diffraction and confirmed by rheology measurements nanocomposites were obtained with mixed intercalated and exfoliated structures, resulting in higher tensile modulus and elongation at break.

Nanocomposite; thermoplastic elastomers; organoclay; PP-MA

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