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Obtaining and characterization of bioplastics based on potato starch, aloe, and graphene


Currently there is a great trend towards cleaner, more sustainable and green production, based on a circular economy. Therefore, in the present work the study of the effect of the concentration of potato starch, aloe vera and graphene on the mechanical properties, water vapor permeability, biodegradability and structural properties of bioplastics is reported. These bioplastics could replace conventional synthetic plastics that currently produce high environmental pollution. According to the statistical analysis of a 2˄3 factorial design, a biodegradable bioplastic with improved mechanical properties was obtained, with a high maximum stress of 2.49 ± 0.28 MPa at high concentration levels of starch, aloe vera and graphene (10% w/w starch, 24% w/w of aloe and 0.045% w/w of graphene). A minimum value of permeance and permeability to water vapor of 5.35 kg/h.kPa.m2 and 0.001839 kg/h.kPa.m, respectively, was found at a graphene concentration of 0.005%; aloe concentration, 24%; and starch concentration, 10%.

graphene; bioplastic; biodegradable; mechanical properties; starch

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