Candida spp. occurrence in oral cavities of breastfeeding infants and in their mothers' mouths and breasts

Presença de Candida spp. em boca de lactentes em aleitamento materno e em bocas e mamas de suas nutrizes

Maria Stella Amorim da Costa Zöllner Antonio Olavo Cardoso Jorge About the authors

This study aimed to determine the occurrence of Candida spp. in the oral cavity of predominantly breastfed infants and in their mothers' mouths and breasts, as well as in the oral cavity of bottlefed infants and in non-lactating women. One hundred and sixty nine women and eighty-five milk-fed infants took part in this study and were divided into four groups: 1) infants predominantly on breastfeeding (n = 55) and their mothers (n = 55); 2) infants on bottlefeeding (n = 30); 3) non-lactating women on whom oral collections were performed (n = 80) and, 4) non-lactating women on whom breast collections were performed (n = 34). Oral and mammary swabs were cultured on Sabouraud agar dextrose with chloramphenicol. The Candida yeast strains found were isolated and identified through morphological and biochemical tests. Candida species were much less frequent in infants who were predominantly breastfed than in those who were bottlefed. Yeasts were much more frequent on the breasts of lactating women, with statistical difference in relation to the control group.

Candida; Candida albicans; Candidiasis; Candidiasis, oral; Breast diseases; Breast feeding

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