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Multiculturalism and inclusive education: university contributions to continuing education for teachers in public schools in Rio de Janeiro

The present research is based on the argument that inclusive education could benefit from a multicultural perspective, with the questioning of mechanisms that hide differences, so as to challenge prejudices and processes that seclude oppressed socio-cultural groups in educational contexts. The aim of the research was to understand possibilities of working out this concept both in theoretical termsandwith the analysis ofan extensionistic experience of extended teacher education for pedagogical coordinators in the state of Rio de Janeiro, taken as a case study. We firstly structure the theoretical framework of the study; then, we analyze the research data for the teachers' first impressions about the topics, as well as the course contents and materials and the ideas discussed, and we finally evaluate the potentials and challenges aroused by that experience. The results point to the fertility of extensionistic university actions in continuing teacher education for inclusive, multicultural education.

teacher continuing education; inclusive education; multiculturalism; case study; pedagogical coordinators

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