Perspectives and Challenges Regarding Brazilian Policies for Research and Postgraduate Studies in Psychology

Perspectivas e Desafios das Políticas Brasileiras para Pesquisa e Pós-graduação em Psicologia

Raquel Souza Lobo Guzzo Maria Beatriz Martins Linhares Maycoln Leôni Martins Teodoro Sílvia Helena Koller About the authors


The National Association of Research and Postgraduate Studies in Psychology (ANPEPP) promotes exchange among researchers to develop and consolidate lines of research, through the discussion of action strategies and decisions that impact Brazilian scientific policy. Themes such as postgraduate research training, national production and the internationalization of knowledge have been the focus of ANPEPP's biennial research and scientific exchange symposia, in forums on Ethics in Research, Scientific Policies and Internationalization. The Scientific Policy Committee (Comissão de Políticas Científicas - CPC) is responsible for each symposium, providing and discussing issues for future goals and plans. Themes identified by the CPC in recent biennia (2010/2012 and 2012/2014) relate to official documents on educational policies (National Education Plan - 2010-2020; National Postgraduate Plan - 2010/2020) and their impact on Brazilian postgraduate programs and the production of research in psychology. Recent themes include: encouraging models of scientific production; clarity of the profile of the researcher; and better conditions for the training of scientists for research, technology and innovation. Fulfillment of these actions is essential for the VI National Postgraduate Plan (VI PNPG in Portuguese) goals to take effect and change the research climate of the country. It will do so through improved monitoring of postgraduate programs, adjustment of training curricula for researchers, and internationalization activities. Formulation, development and evaluation of these policies could herald better prospects for a fair and qualitative growth in Brazilian psychology.

Scientific Policies; Postgraduate studies; ANPEPP; National Education Plan

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