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Teacher's motivational style and students' intrinsic motivation: the self-determination perspective

The Self-determination Theory has the purpose of understanding the intrinsic and extrinsic components of motivation, and the factors that contribute for its promotion. In this perspective personality and human motivation are considered in terms of developmental tendencies, innate psychological needs and contextual variables which favour motivation, social functioning and personal well-being. In the context of educational research, intrinsic motivation has been characterized by students' involvement in learning tasks due to their preference for challenges, persistence, effort, as well as by their use of learning strategies. In line with that, the objectives of this paper are not only present and analyze the concepts related to intrinsic motivation according to the Self-determination Theory, but also reflect upon the teacher's role and style in the promotion of students' intrinsic motivation. Educational implications are also discussed.

Intrinsic motivation; self-determination theory; teacher' motivational style

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