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Evaluation of burnout syndrome in professionals of the Family Health Strategy Service in João Pessoa - Paraíba

This study evaluated whether the professionals who work at the Family Health Strategy Service in João Pessoa, Paraíba have burnout syndrome. It was used a random sample of 337 servers using the Burnout Characterization Scale which investigates the following factors: (a) Emotional exhaustion (α= .94); (b) Dehumanization (α= .70); and (c) Deception (α= .70). In data processing, descriptive statistics, factor analysis, clusters analysis and sample comparison tests were performed. The results showed that 37.09% of the professionals scored high and medium rates (developed burnout), and 70.45% of the professionals who have other jobs do not have the syndrome. It is concluded the need for mental health care to those who work in the front of the Brazilian Single Health System.

Burnout Syndrome; Family Health Strategy; health professionals

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