Interviewing professionals as a desirable teaching-learning activity for psychology students

Waldir Bettoi Lívia Mathias Simão About the authors

This investigation led to reflections about the possible interactions of some teaching - learning activities (in particular, the student's activity of interviewing professionals working in different areas of application) with students' conceptions about their future profession as Psychologists. The analysis was based on questionnaires answered by the students at the beginning and at the end of the course, transcriptions of the interviews they made and their written comments on these interviews. An outline of the possible contributions of the interviews to the students' constructing of images about profession is presented. The interviews possibly contributed to the constructing of a conception about a professional, revealed at the end of the course, in which he/she is seen as someone who leads significant professional actions; they may also bring to the students a varied set of information regarding new possibilities of future professional actions and could be considered a relevant teaching - learning activity for psychologist's academic formation.

Psychologist professional training; teaching of Psychology; profession; student's conceptions about Psychology

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