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Male gender identity in civil and military men

Marcos Aguiar de Souza Maria Cristina Ferreira About the authors

This paper investigated if there was a significant difference in the number of masculine subjects and feminine, androgynous and undifferentiated subjects, in a sample of military and in a sample of civil men. Also, differences in the frequency of masculine military men and masculine civil men were investigated. The sample was composed by 83 military men and 82 civil men. The participants answered the Personal Attributes Questionnaire. The results showed no significant difference between the proportion of male subjects and androgynous or undifferentiated subjects, in the military men sample, but the proportion of androgynous and undifferentiated subjects was significantly higher than the proportion of masculine subjects, in civil men sample. It was concluded that civil men are redefining their values, beliefs and personal expectancies about masculinity (O’Neil, 1992). Therefore, military men can be experiencing conflicts due to the confrontation between the male values which characterize military doctrine and the male liberation process.

masculinity; male gender role; gender identity

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