Value correlates of desirable attributes of an ideal partner

Valdiney Veloso Gouveia Patrícia Nunes da Fonseca Rildésia S. V. Gouveia Pollyane K. Costa Diniz Maria de Fátima Baracuhy Cavalcanti Emerson Diógenes de Medeiros About the authors

This study had three main aims: (a) to know to what extend the human values are correlated with desirable attributes of an ideal partner; (b) to identify what attributes could be considered most important for an ideal partner; and (c) to assess if the importance assigned to such desirable attributes vary according to participants' gender. Four hundred twenty one people of general population from João Pessoa-PB took part in the study with mean age of 25.9 years old. Most of them were female (56.8%), single (70.5%), and with undergraduate degree (65.4%). They answered the Attributes of Ideal Partner Scale, the Basic Value Survey and demographic questions. Results indicated that a consistent set of value subfunctions were correlated with the desirable attributes of an ideal partner (e.g. the subfunctions excitement and normative were correlated with athletic and traditional dimensions, respectively). On the other hand, it was observed the role of participants' gender in differentiating the importance assigned to desirable attributes; the men appreciated more the athletic attribute, and the women did with respect to the sociable attribute. These findings were discussed based on previous research about the importance that men and women give to desirable attributes of ideal partners.

Values; Relationship; Interpersonal; Attributes; Partner

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