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Cyberbullying: perceptions about the phenomenon and coping strategies

Cyberbullying is characterized as one of the different types of violence in educational contexts and is one of the main causes of uneasiness felt by its protagonists. It is also considered as one of the challenges of contemporary education. The study inserted in the project Cyberbullying - a diagnosis of the situation in Portugal intended to understand the phenomenon, its extension and nature through the experience of 118 first year psychology students in the Portuguese public higher education system. Participants responded to a questionnaire of open and closed-ended questions. From the analyses done we understand the students' perceptions regarding the phenomenon, as well as the fundamental importance peers, teachers and parents/legal guardians have in coping with and preventing cyberbullying. These results demonstrate that there is the need to systemically develop communities that may internally strengthen themselves so that each individual feels authorized to intervene and care for those that are the victims of violence.

Coping strategies; cyberbullying; student perceptions

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