Metacognitive interventions in text production and working memory in students with ADHD

Nelba Maria Teixeira Pisacco Yasmini Lais Spindler Sperafico Jacqueline Raquel Bianchi Enricone Luciano Santos Pinto Guimarães Luis Augusto Rohde Beatriz Vargas Dorneles About the authors


This study compared the effects of two metacognitive interventions on writing, working memory (WM), and behavioral symptoms of students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The disorder was clinically diagnosed by a multidisciplinary team according to DSM-IV criteria. The first approach consisted of a combined intervention in text production and WM while the second focused only on WM. Participants were 47 students from the fifth to ninth grades of two public elementary schools in Porto Alegre (Brazil), randomized to one of the two interventions groups. Writing and WM were assessed before, immediately after, and 3 months after the interventions. The results suggest that both interventions contributed to improving behavior and school performance, whereas only the combined intervention increased the overall quality of narrative text, organization of paragraphs, and denouement.

Metacognition; Intervention; Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; Text production; Working memory

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