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Musical training and working memory span in beginners, veterans and with no musical knowledge children

Working memory and musical activity activate reciprocal and homologues brain areas. However, there is a lack of evidence if musical training can amplify the working memory span. Objective: To assess the performance of musical training on working memory in children aged 9 and 10 years old who regularly have musical training or with no musical training at all. PARTICIPANTS: Beginners (n=20), Veterans (n=20) and a Control Group (n=20). MATERIALS: Computerized instruments to assess working memory. RESULTS: Veteran children presented higher scores in BCPR (Brazilian Children's Test of Pseudoword Repetition) and in specific tasks of AWMA (Automated Working Memory Assessment). CONCLUSION: Musical training seems to have contributed for working memory development in veteran children under musical training programs.

AWMA; working memory; musical training; music teaching

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