My-world and the rest-of-the-world

Arno Engelmann About the author

There is a very important difference between my-world and the rest-of-the-world. A contrary opinion is to register only a whole World or Universe. Each person begins necessarily in his my-world, even if he is a scientific researcher. The human my-world's duration is about three seconds. Anything outside this my-world is inferred. It constitutes the person's rest-of-the-world. According to a basic hypothesis, different persons' rest-s-of-the-world similarity can be united in a happening called the Universe. The person's biological background acts to disregard this difference. For example, the majority of cognitive science thinkers talk about having only one kind of consciousness. On the contrary, these thinkers have truly two kinds of consciousness: one through which they have immediate knowledge -my-world- and the other through which they have inference about human or nonhuman beings, very small parts of the rest-of-the-world. The first consciousness is philosophical; the second consciousnesses are scientific.

Consciousness; universe; world; evolution

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