Sistema Toyota de produção: mais do que simplesmente Just-in-Time

The interpretations of the Toyota Production System (TPS) which point out to Just-In-Time (JIT) and Kanban as its essence are evidence of restrictive understanding of its real reach and strength. The TPS has the "complete elimination of wastes " as its grounds and JIT and autonomation as its two pillars. Zero Defect Quality Control (ZDQC) appears as essential support to the operation of autonomation and Systems working. In this paper it is proposed a model which may portray the above interpretation of TPS. On this purpose, the model proposed by Monden was taken up as a starting point. Nevertheless, it was necessary to introduce significant changes. It is also discussed the nature o@f links among autonomation, ZDCQ and all Systems components.

Toyota Production System (TPS); autonomation; just-in-time (JIT); zero defect quality control (ZDQC); production engineering

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