Application of methodologies Desirability and simplex for optimization of the mechanical properties intempered steel wires

Cristie Diego Pimenta Messias Borges Silva Valério Antonio Pamplona Salomon Ricardo Batista Penteado Fabricio Maciel Gomes About the authors

The objective of this research is to show the application of the desirability method and simplex method in aiming to optimize the process of quench hardening and tempering in SAE 9254 draw steel wires. The values were generated by applying the methodology design of experiments with the block analysis, and the results revealed that all the variables used in the study have a significant influence on obtaining the mechanical properties investigated. For the statistical modeling, the multiple linear regression method was applied to obtain models that adequately represent the case in question. The results of the response variables (tensile strength, yield point and hardness) were submitted to the desirability method and the simplex method, and the process was optimized by adjusting the variables of the input in relation to the given specifications.

Design of experiments; Multiple linear regression; Function desirability; Simplex methodology

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