Urban tribes: the collective process of creation in the graffiti

The urban graffiti characterized as a movement of intervention in the city where groups express new forms of living in the urban spaces. This work reflects on the process of collective creation by the urban graffiti in Florianopolis. We interviewed six graffitists of Florianopolis city, observations and photographic records and shooting of their creative activities in the city. We noticed that the formation of the groups of graffitists depends of their affinity and proximity relations from which they share experiences and emotions. Graffitists of different crews participate in the process of creation of the graffiti; these crews usually share techniques and suggestions among themselves. Among the crews researched, it was noticed a certain volatility and flexibility in their relations. There is a re-qualification of the urban spaces through these interventions, leading to the reinvention of the graffitists and the city itself.

graffiti; process of creation; groups; urban tribes

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