Movement analysis in umbanda rituals

The purpose of this research is analyzing the movement in umbanda rituals in order to contribute for the knowledge of its corporal language, as well as supplying subsidies for the development of a Brazilian ethnopsychology. For the effect analysis, Laban method was used, which aims to analyze the effort elements of the corporal movement, as well as the muscles tonicities, in relation to the weight, time, space and fluency. Registers in video of many classes of "umbanda spirits" had been examined. The analysis of the peculiar movements of many "spirits" classes showed that they differentiate ones of the others for standards that characterize them in relation to the analyzed elements of effort. It was concluded that it is possible to use Laban method to discriminate categories of umbanda's "spirits" classes and in such way to increase the knowledge regarding the corporal language in this cult.

movement analysis; ethnopsychology; psychology and religion; umbanda; corporal language

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