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Father's home, mother's home: co-parenting after divorce

Luciana Suárez Grzybowski Adriana Wagner About the authors

Co-parenting implies an interplay of roles that is related to the child global care, and involves parents' joint responsibility for the child well being. It was carried a qualitative study with separated\divorced fathers and mothers, focusing on the theme of education and co-parenting after divorce. The results pointed to the importance of connubial relations and parents-children bonds in the exercise of co-parenting. Moreover, co-parenting is also crossed over by cohabitation, parents and children's gender and the financial conditions of the progenitors. In this study, as compared to the literature, fathers were more participative or willing to participate in the education of their children, and mothers were more satisfied with the guard of their children and less guilty of their choices, thus demonstrating new post-divorce scenery.

co-parenting; divorce; connubial relations; bonds; family

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