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Written notation in problem solving by pre-school children

Ana Coêlho Vieira Selva Ana Carolina Perrusi Brandão About the authors

This study analyses how children from 4 to 6 years use written notation in subtraction problem solving. Thirty children from kindergarten to first levels were asked to solve four problems (two of the kind change and two of comparison), which involved numerical sets greater and smaller than 10. These problems were in a context which intented to give more sense for use of written notation. The written notation was analysed from two perspectives: the effect of the written notation in the solving process and the types of notations produced by the children. We observed that written notation help children in doing their calculations, allow them to follow their process of thinking and improve the representation of mathematical operations. We concluded that solving problems using written notations could be an interesting alternative for Kindergarten.

written notation; numerical problem-solving; kindergarten

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