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Is There a Cure in Psychoanalysis? A Clinic for the Untreatable* 1 We adopted the same solution as Herrmann (2000) and Dunker (2011) for the translation of the Latin word Cura. Rocha (2000) chose the translation as ‘Angústia’ (Anguish, in English). In order to exemplify it, the first verse in the original and the adopted translation follow: Cura cum fluvium transiret / “Cura” was crossing a river.

Existe Cura em Psicanálise? Uma Clínica para o Intratável


This work aims to explore the dynamics of the cure in psychoanalysis, passing through a literary perspective. We begin by locating the idea of cure in psychoanalysis as the cure of the intractable, by thinking the logic of the cure through an aesthetic dimension. Next, we advance the idea of a literary subject, with the myth as a guiding element of a literary body that sustains its own existence. We adopt Kafka’s idea of minor literature to understand the fragmented subject inserted in the culture. We then propose the neologism 'vereedades’, playing on the proximity of the words ‘truth’ and ‘path’ in Portuguese ('verdade' and 'veredas') to explore curative dynamics, in which the subject explores his/her own style.

cure; narrative; literature; psychoanalytic clinic

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