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Intergenerational cognitive stimulation program: Benefits reported by elderly and monitors participating

Rodrigo de Rosso Krug Lariane Mortean Ono Thamara Hübler Figueiró André Junqueira Xavier Eleonora d'Orsi About the authors


We investigated the benefits perceived by older people and monitors participants of the intergenerational program intergenerational of maintenance, stimulation/rehabilitation cognitive, mediated by the use of computers and physical activity “Oficina da Lembrança”. We performed a descriptive qualitative research with ten elderly and six monitors participants of Oficina da Lembrança. We applied semi-structured interviews, which were interpreted by content analysis. The elderly related: learning the use of computers, improved memory, socialization, having leisure activity, weight loss, improved quality of life, health and socialization. Monitors: contact with elderly, improvement of the relationship with people and patients, preparation for different situations and acquiring more knowledge about the elderly. In conclusion, Oficina da Lembrança can provide several benefits to its practitioners and monitors, especially the intergenerationality.

elderly; intergenerationality; cognitive stimulation; motor activity; perceived well-being; quality of life

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