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The Psychoanalytical Act and the Causation of the Sensitive in Analysis* * Support: CAPES, MEC - funding code 001, CAPES Print Application n. 41/2017.

O Ato Analítico e a Causação do Sensível em Análise


In this article, we will work on the articulation between the psychoanalytical act and the experience with the sensitive in an analysis. For this, we will initially approach the logical operations of causation of the subject in order to understand what being we are talking about when we maintain that the psychoanalytic act gives rise to the certainty of existing. Then we will unfold the experience of the sensitive from the notion of a living body, voice and resonance of the real. In the end, we understand that the analysis calls us to sustain a sensitivity beyond reason, one that consents to the resonance of the real and opens us to the power of life, of the act.

psychoanalytic act; body; sensitive; real; being

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