Symptomatic Characteristics of Children with Autism and Language Regression

Bárbara Backes Regina Basso Zanon Cleonice Alves Bosa About the authors


This study aimed to identify characteristics of oral language regression and characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder's symptomatology in preschool children with the disorder, relating it to the assumptions of the socio-pragmatic approach. A database of 150 North American children was used, and the information regarding the regression and symptomatology were obtained from the Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised. Thirty of these children met the criteria for participation in this study. Among them, six presented regression of oral language skills, with a mean age of onset of 25 months. Regarding the symptomatology, some behaviors presented a more severe impairment, like the ability of directing attention, reciprocal conversation and repetitive use of objects.

autism; symptoms; language; regression

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