The type of reinforcer as a modulating variable of history in humans effects

To investigate how the type of reinforcer affects the behavior in FI after different reinforcement histories, university students were exposed to FR or to DRL, that liberated points for pressing a button. Some participants changed points for photocopies (Condition 1), for money (Condition 2), or they just received the points (Condition 3). Subsequently, all students were exposed to FI. FR produced high and constant response rates independently of the type of reinforcer. FI produced high rates for the participants of the Conditions 1 and 2, and low for the participants of the Condition 3. DRL provoked low rates that increased during subsequent FI. The results suggest that so much historical contingencies as present contingencies controlled the participants' behavior and that the type of reinforcer can favor responding in high and constant rate under FI after a FR contingency.

history effects; history of reinforcement; behavioral history; schedules of reinforcement; type of reinforcers; human behavior

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