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Mental health professionals: stress, coping and quality of life

Ana Flávia de Oliveira Santos Carmen Lúcia Cardoso About the authors

The purpose of the study was to assess stress, coping, and quality of life of professionals in substitutive mental health services. Twenty-five professionals participated in this study. The following instruments were employed: Stress Symptoms Inventory for Adults, Coping Strategies Inventory and the Quality of Life Scale. The results showed that 36% of the professionals presented stress, greater use of the social support strategy, and greater satisfaction with the social domain regarding quality of life. Professionals with stress indicators used more withdrawal and escape-avoidance strategies. In conclusion, mental health professionals under stress make more use of coping strategies focused on emotions. The elaboration and development of interventions to assist these professionals in handling stressful situations are needed.

stress; quality of life; mental health

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