The process of space appropriation and subjectivity production

Rosa Nadir Teixeira Jerônimo Teresinha Maria Gonçalves About the authors

In this article, it will be reported a research into the process of space (re)appropriation by native inhabitants in a fishing community, Ibiraquera, located in the city of Imbutiba, in the south of Santa Catarina, since the place has been recently and gradually occupied by Brazilian and foreign tourists. In order to understand this process, the construction of subjects' subjectivity was analyzed within an Environmental Psychology perspective and the main goal was to understand this process of appropriation. The empirical data came from 10 inhabitants' narratives about their life stories that were collected by informal interviews. Those inhabitants belong to traditional families from the place. The main categories analyzed were self-esteem and affectedness. The results showed that the "invasion" of Ibiraquera has been causing a very unpleasant feeling of low self-esteem in its native inhabitants. On the other hand, the native inhabitants also show a strong feeling of love and identity to the place where they belong.

self-esteem; affectedness; space appropriation

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