Profile of talented adolescents and strategies for their development

Jane Farias Chagas Denise de Souza Fleith About the authors

The purpose of this study was to examine cognitive, academic, affective and social characteristics of talented adolescents, and to identify factors that promote or inhibit the development of their abilities, based on their perception and of their family and teachers. Four talented students, 12 family members and five teachers participated in the study. A semi-structured interview was used as instrument. The results indicated that the most acknowledged cognitive and academic characteristics were: Autodidactism, easiness to learn, and dedication to studies. Among the affective and social characteristics, the ones highlighted were: determination, shyness, and preference for social isolation. Frequently indicated factors that promote talent development were: Family support and services in the resources room. The main barrier was the access to specialized services.

adolescents; talented; giftedness; family; educational strategies

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