Workers social skills with and without physical disability

Camila de Sousa Pereira Almir Del Prette Zilda Aparecida Pereira Del Prette About the authors

Aiming to compare workers social skills with and without physical disabilities (TDF and TND, respectively) and possible sex-related differences, 27 TDF and 27 TND participants completed the Social Skills Inventory (IHS-Del-Prette) and the Brazil Economic Classification Criterion. The results of the inferential statistical analysis didn't show significant differences between groups and between TDF and TND males in the factorial scores of the IHS-Del-Prette. There was difference only in the factor Self-assertion in the expression of positive feeling, favoring the TND female group. Differences and similarities between groups and same sex participants, some possible related variables, and the implications for psychosocial rehabilitation and for the Special Education are discussed.

social skills; physical disability; workers; work

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