Perceiving and Facing the Psychosomatic in the Physician-Patient Relationship

Vera Lucia Pereira Alves Daniela Dantas Lima About the authors


With the objective to understand the medical experience in attending psychosomatic patients, a qualitative and phenomenological research was carried on with four doctors. The comprehension of their reports shows that their conduct makes a course beginning at the diagnostic, followed by a personal mobilization which leads them to reorganize their relations with the patients and the offered therapeutics, as also how they reveal their lack of qualification to approach this subject. This course is understood in accordance with the biomedical model referred as the regent of their conceptions and practices, since medical undergraduate education. However, this formation brings them difficulties to manage the psychological aspects, not only the psychogenic ones related to the sickness, typical from psychosomatics comprehensions. It is evidenced a medical learning in which it is given more attention to illness than to human experience.

psychosomatic medicine; medical sciences; psychosomatic disorders; medical education; medical psychology; physician-patient relationship

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