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Physical activity level and state of mood in adolescents

A relative small number of studies about the relationship between state of mood and exercise in adolescents have been published. The aim of the present study was to verify the relationship between informed physical activity by adolescents and the state of mood. Seventeen boys (M=17,5; DP=1,4 years) and 24 girls (M=16,0; DP=2,0 years) were evaluated at school. The habitual physical activity level (HFAL) and mood states were measured. The analyses showed a negative correlation between HFAL and total mood disturbance (r = - 0,30, p<0,05) as well as a positive correlation between HFAL and vigour (r = 0,48, p<0,01) in boys and girls. In conclusion, adolescents with related high level of physical activity showed better mood state, independent of gender.

exercise; physical activity; mood; mental health

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