Sexuality and quality of life in men with sexual difficulties

Maria Cristina Romualdo Galati Enaury de Oliveira Alves Jr. Ana Claudia Crotti Delmaschio Ana Lucia de Moraes Horta About the authors

The present study aimed to investigate sexuality and quality of life of men with sexual difficulties. We selectedten men who contacted the department ofsexuality CIESEX/UNIFESP. The screening was performed using a structured interview containing socio-demographic data and information on their complaints. We have chosentouse of questionnairesThe Golombok-Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction(GRISS) and Short Form36-item Health Survey (SF-36), completed by the respondents. The results showed that men withs exual difficulties have lower performance in their sexual functioning, as well as a reduction in emotional quality of life. This table shows a field to be explored, demonstrating the need for studies to investigate the correlation between sexual difficulties and quality of life.

Sexual dysfunctions; Quality of life; Sexuality

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