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Validity Evidence of a Measurement of Mindfulness, Based on its Relations to Other Variables

Jeferson Gervasio Pires Carlos Henrique Sancineto da Silva Nunes Maiana Farias Oliveira Nunes Marcelo Marcos Piva Demarzo Maria Luiza Bianchi Mônica Monteiro Kotzias Giovania Mitie Maesima Cunha About the authors


Mindfulness is a quality of consciousness, which may occur when one is intentionally aware of inner experiences. In this study, we have gathered validity evidence for a Measurement of Mindfulness (MAP), based on its relation to other variables (N=553). Participants included 553 Brazilian adults, mostly undergraduate students, with a mean age of 23.15 years (SD 7.34). We correlated the z-scores of MAP with the scores of the Factorial Battery of Personality, Positive affect and Negative Affect Scales, Satisfaction with Life Scale, Psychological Battery of Attention, and Measurement of Emotional Intelligence. Correlations were made between the MAP and other instruments. Significant correlations were found between mindfulness and the traits Openness and Satisfaction, negative affect and life satisfaction. Focused, alternating and general attention showed significant associations with mindfulness. Furthermore, we observed significant associations of emotional intelligence with mindfulness and novelty seeking. We conclude that the MAP is a valid instrument based on its relations to other variables; however, further studies with this instrument are necessary.

Psychological tests; vigilance; positive psychology

Universidade de São Francisco, Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Psicologia R. Waldemar César da Silveira, 105, Vl. Cura D'Ars (SWIFT), Campinas - São Paulo, CEP 13045-510, Telefone: (19)3779-3771 - Campinas - SP - Brazil