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Psychological interventions to children infected and affected by HIV/Aids

Due to the recent progress with antiretroviral treatment, HIV/Aids infection has changed from an acute clinical status to a chronic illness with medical, psychological and social implications. Typical aspects of living with HIV/Aids, such as diagnostic disclosure, treatment adherence and the coping with several mournings, are particularly challenging among children. Therefore, this study aimed to identify psychological interventions that have been developed in the past years with children infected or affected by HIV/Aids. Medline/Pubmed, PsycInfo, Indexpsi, PEPSIC, SciELO and LILACS databases were reviewed, where 17 studies about the related subject were found. Objectives, target population, theoretical conceptualization, used techniques and results of these interventions have been described. The review indicates that studies describing psychological interventions for these children are rare. Moreover, many of these studies did not present a clear description of the methods used and the evaluation of the results, limiting the use of these interventions in other contexts.

HIV; AIDS; Children; Psychological interventions

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