Children's eyes revealing the polyphony of the city

This article presents the results of a research that aimed at understanding the meanings imputed by children to the relationships they establish with the city. The methodological resources used to collect information consisted of a Workshop of Pictures followed by interviews for the reading of the images produced. Here, reflections are made about what is presented in the speeches and photographic images produced by the children, analyzed in the light of the history-cultural focus on Psychology and of the contributions of authors of Bakhtin's circle. The results indicate that the children recognize that there are circumstances in which they are in a situation of social exclusion, since they criticize such circumstances and their effects. However, they understand that the suburb where they live offer benefits to its residents. The conclusion is that the city where the research took place provides multiple possibilities because, with interchangeable borders and meanings, it is characterized by its polyphonous condition, which propitiates different experiences.

City; Picture; Polyphony; Child; Meanings

Universidade de São Francisco, Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Psicologia R. Waldemar César da Silveira, 105, Vl. Cura D'Ars (SWIFT), Campinas - São Paulo, CEP 13045-510, Telefone: (19)3779-3771 - Campinas - SP - Brazil