The Wisconsin card sorting test: systematic review (1952-2009)

José Humberto da Silva-Filho Sonia Regina Pasian Janaina Silva Martins Humberto About the authors

The WCST is a problem-solving, neuropsychological test, with solving criteria initially unknown and mutant. Such task requires the respondent to understand the logical principles of the proposed problem. Considering the relevance of such test for neuropsychological assessment, this present study describes a bibliographic review of articles mentioning the WSCT. Such articles were searched for in three international databases (Medline, Science Direct and PsycINFO), with WSCT used as the descriptor. From 1952 to 2009, 1076 scientific articles were indentified, with a significant increase of publications from 1993 on. The countries with most studies on the WSCT were the Netherlands, USA, and UK. The main descriptors of journals that published these studies were Psychiatry, Neuropsychology, Psychology and Brain. This present study also demonstrates that the journals that published 10 or more articles on WSCT show an elevated impact factor (JCR).

WCST; Wisconsin Card Sorting Test; Executive functions; Systematic review

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