Incremental validity of the Zulliger and Pfister in the contexto of drug addiction

The aim of this study was to verify the incremental validity of two projective techniques used to assess the personality traits of 20 addict patients. An assessment of the personality of ten Brazilian addict of alcohol and ten French heroin addicts who were experiencing the process of drug detoxification in specialized centers in Brazil or France was performed by the Phenomenon- structural Psychopathology perspective - a French theoretical approach that understands the mental functioning of the individual through the way it lives the space and time dimensions. The spatio-temporal relationship and the personality were understood by the verbal or pictured expression of the self and through the way images of projective techniques Zulliger and Pfister are built. The analysis showed consistency between the information generated by both instruments, demonstrating that Zulliger and Pfister, when applied in combination and interpreted by the phenomenon-structural method, are efficient to reveal the experiences of space and time of the subjects.

Phenomenon-structural psychopathology; Pfister; Zulliger; Pfister's Color Pyramid Test; Addicts patients; Incremental validity; Pychological assessment

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