Validity and reliability of the Brazilian version of the Center for Epidemiological Scale - Depression (CES-D) in Brazilian elderly

Construct validity and internal reliability concerning the Center for Epidemiological Study-Depression (CES-D) were described in a prospective study with elderly people living in the community. The sample consisted of 347 elderly adults (73% women), 71.96 years old in average (SD=8.45), which were submitted to two measures of depressive symptoms through the CES-D. The mean time between measures was 15.7 months (SD=4.57). Confirmatory factorial analysis performed on the second measure revealed the same factors identified in the first measure ("negative affection", "difficulty in initiating behaviors" and "positive affection"). Cronbach alpha was 0.82 for the scale, and 0.77, 0.59 and 0.47, respectively for factors 1, 2, and 3. Prevalence of depressive symptoms was consistent in both measures (34%).

Depression; Elderly; Psychometrics

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