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Body and soul in Foucault: Assumptions for a methodology of psychology

Fernando de Almeida Silveira Reinaldo Furlan About the authors

Michel Foucault's work sets in figure the body as an expression of a whole set of powers and knowledge, which are strategically articulated within the history of Western Society. The body is, simultaneously, an agent and a piece within the forces interplay present in all social net, turning out to be a depositary of marks and signs that get engraved in it. This happens as a result of those interplays and clashes, which, in turn, have in corporality its test-field. And the soul emerges as instrument of the powers / knowledge performance over the body, in the process of constitution of the subjects' historical body. The objective of this paper is to develop postulates related to Foucault's body and soul notions, for investigation and practice in Psychology

Foucault, Michael, 1926-1984; Body; Soul; Subjectivation

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