History of the relationship between philosophy and medicine in the course of Michel Henry in Portugal and relations with clinical psychology

Andrés Eduardo Aguirre Antúnez About the author


A brief history of the relationship between the phenomenology of life, developed by the French philosopher Michel Henry (1922-2002), and medicine, in Portugal, will be presented to explore the possibilities of interdisciplinarity with clinical psychology in Brazil. The focus is the phenomenality of the unpredictable in everyday life that weakens and disrupts the human being and with which the therapist constantly works. Thus, we attend to the constant affective transitivities of our clinical experiences, which always occur in community. Then, for this relationship to be scientifically validated, it is necessary that the therapist constitutes a community with the various sciences united in this process, so rethinking interdisciplinarity becomes essential for the psychologist.

clinical psychology; affection; affective transitivity; community; interdisciplinarity

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