Health Psychology: Extended Community Services, Education and Research

M. Cristina O. S. Miyazaki Neide Ap. Micelli Domingos Nelson I. Valerio Ana Rita Ribeiro dos Santos Luciana Toledo Bernardes da Rosa About the authors

Psychologists have had an increasing role in the medical area. The objective of this study is to report the development and current status of the Psychology Service at Hospital de Base, São José do Rio Preto Medical School (FAMERP), which started in 1981, when a psychologist was hired to work at the Pediatrics Outpatient Ward. Currently, the hospital has a staff of 40 psychologists (professors, supervisors, and residents), developing community services, education and research activities in Health Psychology. Such activities are carried out at a primary, secondary and tertiary level at the outpatient ward of the hospital and at a Medical School Health Community Center, especially with interdisciplinary teams. Teaching involves classes in post-graduation courses in medicine and nursing; internships for psychology students; a Residency Program in Health Psychology; Extension, Specialization, and Teaching Courses; and assistance to graduate students from the Post-Graduation Program in Health Sciences (masters degree and PhD) at FAMERP. Research is aimed at assessing the relationship between behavior and health, approaching issues such as providing health, prevention and assistance in the treatment and management of diseases. Even though this is an expanding area, the maintenance of credibility and the progress achieved depend on a solid professional training, ethics and the development of research in the area.

Health psychology; Education; Research; Hospital; Health care service

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