Politics of the psychology: histories and practices of the professional associations (CRP and SPESP) of Sao Paulo, between the dictatorship and the democratization of the country

The aim of our study is to discuss the history and practices of the professional associations of the psychology between the military dictatorship and the process of democratization of the country. We interviewed six former-participants of these entities and we did the documentary analysis of 1076 minutes of the CRP and of the SPESP. We note that in the beginning there was a political alignment of the entities with the military dictatorship, when they refused to participate in critical movements to the military government and when they awarded a prize with the title of honorary psychologist to representatives of the dictatorship. At the end of the 1970s, when social movements reappear in Brazil, an opposition with left-wing ideology gets organized and wins the elections in the two entities. They assume their political character and contribute to social movements in the country, as the foundation of the CUT and the movement of “Diretas Já”.

History of psychology; Military dictatorship; Professional associations; Political psychology

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