Hemogasometric evaluation in dogs submitted to left pneumonectomy

Daniella H. Binoki Fabio B. Jatene Denise T. Fantoni Angelo J. Stopiglia André L.S. Santos Rodrigo R. Freitas Edson A. Simões Eduardo T. Irino Rosangela Monteiro Renato Lofiego About the authors

It is well known that different diseases of infectious, traumatic or neoplasic origin can occur in the lungs of dogs, and pneumonectomy technique may be an option for the treatment of some of these diseases. The objective was to evaluate hemogasometric parameters, oxygen partial pressure (PaO2), carbon dioxide partial pressure (PaCO2), hydrogen ion concentration (pH) and bicarbonate ion concentration on the pre- and post-operative moments of the left pneumonectomy. Eighteen adult mongrel dogs, males and females, were randomly distributed into two groups with 9 dogs each. In Group A, the left bronchial stump of the dogs was sutured manually with polypropylene 5-0, and, in Group B, the left bronchial stump of the dogs was sutured mechanically with a surgical stapler. The data were collected at 6 moments: Before the pre-anesthetic administration (T0), one hour after the extubation (T1EXT), 48 hours after the surgery (T48h), 7 days after the surgery (T7d), 15 days after the surgery (T15d), and 36 days after the surgery (T36d). The results were statistically analyzed. PaO2 values of Group A on T1EXT (67.00±11.31) were significantly lower in relation to T0 (99.4±18.34), a fact that did not happen in Group B: T1EXT (87.00±8.35) in regard to T0 (87.00±7.55). There was no difference on pH values in dogs of Group A, but in Group B was observed a decrease on T1EXT (7.3644±0.0353) in relation to T0 (7.4189±0.0136), although the animals did not develop acidosis. It was concluded that dogs submitted to left pneumonectomy (sutured manually or sutured mechanically of left bronchial) did not show immediate and mediate acid-basic instability during the study.

Pneumonectomy; manual suture; mechanic suture; hemogasometric; dogs

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