Morphology of pre-stomach and ruminal papillae of growing Santa Inês female lambs under two nutritional schemes

Luigi F.L. Cavalcanti Iran Borges Vandenberg L. Silva Fredson V. Silva Hemilly C.M. Sá Isabella C.F. Maciel Fabiane A.P. Paula Emmanuel H.O. Costa About the authors

For the evaluation of nutritional schemes and change on the pre-stomach morphology and quantification of rumen papillae, 36 Santa Inês female lambs were submitted to two nutritional schemes (ad libitum or restrict) and slaughtered with different live weights (20, 30 or 40 kg) in a completely randomized factorial design 2x3. After slaughter, the viscera were weighed empty and their volume was measured. Samples of ruminal wall from the cranial and ventral sacs were collected and with a stereomicroscope photographed and analyzed regarding height, basal width, area, papillae per cm² and absorptive area per cm². The results were submitted to analyses of variance and the means were compared by Student Newman Keuls test. The different nutritional schemes did not influence the weight of rumen, reticulum or omasum (P>0.05), although, growth of the viscera was observed by increase in live weight. The viscera volume was affected by live weight, and smaller volume was observed in the animals fed ad libitum diet (P<0.10). The number of papillae per cm² was reduced by the increase in live weight. Height and area of papillae were larger in heavier animals. The nutritional scheme only affected height and area of papillae of the cranial sac. The absorptive area was not affected by the treatments. Different nutritional schemes and live weights affect the pre-stomach morphology of Santa Ines female lambs.

Nutrition; sheep; rumen; ruminal papillae; viscera

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