A comparative study of the toxicity of Palicourea juruana (Rubiaceae) to buffalo and cattle

Carlos Magno C. de Oliveira José Diomedes Barbosa Raquel S. Cavaleiro de Macedo Marilene de Farias Brito Paulo Vargas Peixoto Carlos Hubinger Tokarnia About the authors

An experimental study was performed to establish the toxicity of Palicourea juruana for buffaloes and to add new data on the toxicity of this plant for cattle. The clinical and pathological pictures were similar, but a comparison of the lethal doses for buffaloes (1-2g/kg) and cattle (0.25g/kg) shows that the buffalo is at least 4 times more resistant. In experiments performed 10 years earlier with the fresh leaves - collected on the same farm in July, at the beginning of the dry season, only 2 months later than in this second experimental series - the lethal dose for cattle was 2 g/kg. No explanation was found for the extremely high toxicity of the plant observed in the present study.

Plant poisoning; Palicourea juruana; Rubiaceae; cattle; buffaloes

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