Anthelmintic action of the hydroalcoholic extract of the root of Tarenaya spinosa (Jacq.) Raf. for Haemonchus contortus control in sheep

Fabio D. Andrade Ana Raquel C. Ribeiro Maria C. Medeiros Saul S. Fonseca Ana Célia R. Athayde Adriano F. Ferreira Onaldo G. Rodrigues Wilson W. Silva About the authors

To investigate the anthelmintic potential of hydroalcoholic extract of the root of Tarenaya spinosa, as an alternative in the control of gastrointestinal nematode Haemonchus contortus in sheep, in vitro tests were performed with Artemia salina then on stool cultures containing helminth eggs, assessing ovicidal and larvicidal action of the extract. After preliminary tests, the in vivo test was performed in 20 male sheep were divided into four treatments: Group 1 Ivermectin 1 %, Group 2: untreated; Group 3: hydroalcoholic extract of T. spinosa 150μg/mL; Group 4: hydroalcoholic extract T. spinosa 300μg/mL, stool samples and blood were collected for parasitological and haematological tests. In in vitro tests, toxicity against A. salina was 150μg/mL, there was obtained 81.53% efficiency against eggs and larvae of H. contortus. In vivo test, evaluating the effectiveness of treatments was performed by reduction test in faecal egg count (RCOF), the groups treated with Ivermectin and T. spinosa the 150μg/mL and 300μg/mL obtained the best results, reducing OPG after 28 days in 40.6, 41 and 42.6% respectively, thus revealing its herbal potential for control of gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep.

Tarenaya spinosa; Haemonchus contortus; ovicidal and/or larvicidal action

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