Comparison of two methods of equine bone marrow aspiration and two solutions for mononuclear cell isolation

Júlia M. Moraes Martha O. Bravo Pollyanna C. Araújo Mariana C. Rosa Guilherme K. Tognoli Cinthia B.S. Dumont Luis F.O. Varanda Roberta F. Godoy About the authors


The aim of this study was to evaluate mononuclear cells fraction (MCF) concentration and viability from different techniques of bone marrow (BM) aspiration and processing in horses. Five adult horses, healthy and of unknown breed were evaluated. BM was obtained from sternum bone, according two protocols: in aspiration A, 10mL of heparin solution was used inside the syringe and BM was aspirated; in aspiration B, 10mL of heparin solution was injected into the BM, and aspiration was done after 20 seconds. All the animals were submitted by both protocols realized in sequence, without a gap between the procedures. After MCF isolation, of BM samples obtained from A and B aspiration, each sample was divided into two tubes; one contained DMEM solution and the other with PBS solution. Therefore, interchanging the aspiration protocol and the dilution solution, four sample tubes were obtained for each horse. The tubes were centrifuged and the pellet was homogenized with the respectively solution to obtain the final volume of 100μL. Cellular concentration and viability were determined to obtain the FCM medium concentration. For both solutions, the aspiration B had higher numeric values comparing with aspiration A; however, it was not significant (p>0.05). This tendency is attribute for the less BM coagulation observed in the aspiration B, suggesting greater improvement of MCF. No difference (p>0.05) was found between DMEM and PBS solution, indicating that both do not alter the cell viability. The protocols used for BM aspiration and MCF isolation were efficient for application in equine cellular therapy.

Index Terms:
Bone marrow; mononuclear cell isolation; cell therapy; cellular viability; DMEM; medullar fraction; PBS; horses

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